Islamic Children’s Books That Will Make You Think!

Islamic children books that will make you think!


50 Things To Get Rid Of Right Now | Declutter Series

Every 3 to 6 months I get a huge urge, to purge, the things that are in my life. With an effort to live a more simplictic life, I try my best to reduce any clutter that I see forming in my home. With Ramadan around the corner, I feel the urge more intensely. Wanting … Continue reading 50 Things To Get Rid Of Right Now | Declutter Series

Choosing to Wear Hijab | Guest Post for

Growing up in the UK as an 80’s kid, I didn’t really understand what hijab was. The word hijab didn't even register with me back then, as it is so frequently used now. As a kid growing up, when I saw people that wore a veil, it meant one of three things, they were either: … Continue reading Choosing to Wear Hijab | Guest Post for

Get What You Want This Ramadan

No more wishful thinking or hopeless failed attempts now is the time to ask for things that you only thought were for dreams. Dua big and you shall receive in sha Allah!

Intention For An Epic Ramadan

Phase 1: Intention With Ramadan so near, I always inflate all my Ramadan goals to the max, and romanticize how my Ramadan will go. I'm so pumped and eager weeks before Ramadan starts, and then by the end of Ramadan, I'm deflated, exhausted and feel like a failure, for not reaching all or any of … Continue reading Intention For An Epic Ramadan

5 Ways to Being Content with Yourself

Often times we reach the end of the day and wish he had done things differently in situations. Or how things had gone wrong and had we reacted in a certain way we may've gotten more better results. We look at others who have a laid back approach or are seemingly more happier individuals and think how … Continue reading 5 Ways to Being Content with Yourself