50 Things To Get Rid Of Right Now | Declutter Series

Every 3 to 6 months I get a huge urge, to purge, the things that are in my life. With an effort to live a more simplictic life, I try my best to reduce any clutter that I see forming in my home.

With Ramadan around the corner, I feel the urge more intensely. Wanting to remove anything that holds no purpose, in my home or life, feels like removing unnecessary burden.

Usually the act of decluttering fills us with dread, because of the sheer amount of ‘stuff’ we possess. But once you remove such useless things out of your lives, you will feel so much lighter and freed from  visual and spiritual clutter.

Here are 50 Things to Get Rid of Right Now, with little or no effort.

  1. Pens/markers or any stationary tools that do not work.
  2. Takeout menus clogging up drawers. Take a pic, go digital, menus can be found online.
  3. Old reciepts, if it’s past the exchange/return date get rid of it.
  4. Old makeup
  5. Makeup you don’t use
  6. Toiletries you won’t use
  7. Old batteries, invest in reusable ones.
  8. Spare screws. that you don’t know where they came from, or where they ought to go.
  9. Old magazines/ newspaper.
  10. Clothes that don’t fit.36FCE404-A433-4C80-BFF8-A7FCB2F17325.jpeg
  11. Shoes that don’t fit.
  12. Lonely socks.
  13. Kids school/ art work, pic your fave, and take pics of others if you must then recycle the rest while kids are asleep.
  14. Old wires, chargers, phones
  15. Old cameras
  16. Old toothbrush
  17. Any beauty samples that have expired
  18. Expired Eye solution, contact lenses
  19. Expired medicine
  20. Old spices you don’t use.220072D8-23CB-481A-8801-9105CF2E73E9.jpeg
  21. Expired condiments
  22. Tupperware with no lids
  23. Any appliance that doesn’t work
  24. Any appliance that you haven’t used in a year
  25. Unwanted gifts taking up unwanted space
  26. Kid’s toys they’ve grown out of
  27. Kid’s clothes.
  28. Excess hangers.
  29. Old bulbs.
  30. Old warranties.4D12131F-059F-4D23-BA4D-0B519D75BA1F.jpeg
  31. Manuals for appliances
  32. Old car insurance
  33. Old bills
  34. Old notebooks
  35. Old school notes
  36. Old underwear
  37. Broken or unused sunglasses
  38. Broken jewelry you won’t ever fix
  39. Excess kitchen utensils knives, spoons, etc
  40. Excess glasses mugs583B6E19-FAA1-4204-AE11-E0023D812DC2
  41. Ugly clothes you bought on sale.
  42. Any tea you just won’t drink
  43. Shoes that hurt
  44. Old nail polish
  45. Donate any tacky souvenirs
  46. Delete any unnecessary apps
  47. Get rid of anything that doesn’t need to be in your handbag, car, wallet
  48. Old towels / sheets
  49. Excess pillows/ duvet
  50. Any furniture that is not serving a purpose eg stool, coffee table, desk.

Many of the things listed above can be done in less than a minute. What things can you get rid of today? And what things will you not allow to come back into your life? Let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer: Majority of the things above can be sold, donated, handed down to someone who needs it, recycled or repurposed. All of us, can get rid of something in our homes. The lesson is not to buy or promote disposable lifestyle, that end in landfill. That collective clutter, is harder to get rid off. Be conscious of what you buy and dispose of responsibly. From that list of 50 items which will you stop buying?


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