8 Ways To Stay Focused

With our lives being more distracted than ever before, it has become somewhat of a noble characteristic, to be able to focus. Having a sense of focus and drive, is becoming more and more rare. Every where you go people are blissfully busy, but are they busy in doing the right thing?  Having focus is a skill needed in every work place, yet it is something that many people lack.


We’ve all been there, trying to get something done, but it’s taking us hours, days or even years to complete. Why? Well it could be a whole host of reasons, but let it not be procrastination, or because we are just not focused enough, to get the job done.

Here are some tips to try, the next time you’re attempting to do a task, that’s just taking too long.

Eat Ready Go

And I don’t mean eat your three meals! Eat to get started, enough to fuel you, so that you don’t make an excuse, to eat whilst doing the task at hand. Also skipping meals is a huge no no, it will only make you moody, and annoyed when you’re self inflicting your hunger. Take 5 and eat, start your day right.


Dump It

Whilst inside of a task, have a dump sheet next to you. You will have a zillion and one tasks popping up in your head, so that you can procrastinate, this one focused activity. Write it down on your dump sheet, and forget about it. Once you finish your task at hand, look at your sheet for your next thing you need to do, eg pay bills,  research your next holiday, google where the origins of touch wood came from.

No Multitasking

Think that you can do one thing, and another at the same time, and do it well? Hell no! The truth is, it will take you a lot longer, and it won’t be your best work. Trying to work with Netflix on, or whilst answering emails, is like rubbing your tummy whilst patting your head! It’s asking your brain, to do conflicting things, at the same time. So next time you sit to do something, and you want to do it quick and efficient, don’t divert your attention, and let your thoughts wonder all over the place. Turn your phone off, mute your notifications, silence the distraction. Stick to one task at a time.


Set Your Timer

If you’re finding focusing too stressful to do, maybe it’s something that’s too overwhelming, like writing a book, and you just can’t to do all in one go. Assign yourself just 25 minutes at first. Once you reached the 25 minutes, you decide if you want to carry on. It may be that you’ve gotten your teeth into it, and you do carry on. However if you don’t want to, give yourself a break, but assign yourself another 25 minutes, where you will go back to it. Small but highly productive steps, is much better than long hours of unfocused time.

Set Yourself A Deadline

Sometimes we don’t get a task done, because we don’t set ourselves a deadline. It might be that you’re wanting to learn a new language, set up a business, complete a course, or join the gym. Whatever it is give yourself a deadline, it has to be done by this date. Once you give yourself a deadline you’ll see yourself working towards it, than doing it ‘someday’.


Write Down Clear Goals

List down your priorities of what must be done, the none negotiables, the one thing that if you have done, then it has been a productive day. What deadlines must you reach at the end of this task. This has to be completed. List these down, it could be just one big task,  get it done first.


Mini Goals

Sometimes, a task is just way to big a thing to handle, in one go. Break it down, into segments, so that you can digest it more easily. This way once you reach your mini goal, you will feel self gratification that you are reaching your check points, which lead up to your end goal. E.g Want to write a book, you need 50,000 words. Your deadline is in a year, which means you have to write at least 137 words per day, to reach that target, this is your mini goal. The days where you exceed your mini goals, you will feel on top of the world. When you miss your goals, you know you have to work twice as hard the next time.


Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Those days when the end goal just seems so far away and distant. The stress levels are high, and you’re wanting to throw it away, ask your self the following: Why am I doing this? What’s the point of all this? Who is it helping? How will I or they benefit? These questions and answers will keep you motivated, and also keep you on track if you start to take time and go on multiple tangents.

What things do you do to remain focused and get jobs done quick time? Let me know in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “8 Ways To Stay Focused

  1. Khushboo says:

    This was super helpful. At times I feel over whelmed and wonder if having 24 hours in a day is enough, however it’s all a out prioritising… And putting the phone away!!


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