Easy Ways to Shop Ethically

If you have read my previous post True Cost of Fast Fashion. You’re probably wondering, what do we do now?

You get, that the fast fashion industry, does life threatening harm, than good. Most of the high street brands, seem to fall under the fast fashion category. So does that mean the end of clothes shopping?

Well no, it doesn’t need to be the end of shopping, for ‘new’ clothes. However, the same rules learnt, do apply.

  • Buy less
  • Choose well
  • Make it last

So who can we trust, to provide us with guilt free, fashionable clothes? Clothes that are sourced ethically, and is not detrimental to the environment.

Ethical brands, are usually seen as expensive, since they are made with quality material. Not everyone has the budget to buy from Vegan Friendly, Stella McCartney’s collection. Ethical fashion is also seen as boring, all linen and earthy tones. Well I’m here to tell you, there’s more to that ethical horizon, than you think.

Here are some of my suggestions, to give you a taster of what’s out there.

People Tree

  • People Tree is a pioneer clothing brand, in ethical and sustainable fashion
  • 100% Fair Trade throughout it’s supply chain
  • Supports economic independence to marginalized communities in developing countries
  • Uses sustainable fabrics
  • Costs: ££


  • Uses 100% organic cotton, which means sustainable practices used in production
  • Offers garment recycling in their stores
  • Uses recycled plastics, polyester and wool
  • Uses Tencel, a lyocell fiber which uses less water, chemicals and CO2 emissions in production
  • The monki brand can also be found on ASOS
  • Costs: £


  • Is the most hipster ethical brand out there, can be found all over Instagram
  • Uses dead stock fabrics, which means it reduces the amount of Virgin materials needed to make an item.
  • Based in LA, ships internationally
  • Costs: ££

Being naked is #1 most sustainable option, we’re #2


ASOS Eco Edit

  • Ethical collection introduced in 2010
  • Not to be confused with the regular ASOS brand, Shop the collection by going inspiration>eco edit
  • Works in conjunction with fair labour partners in Kenya
  • Certified carbon neutral
  • Uses low impact fabrics such as Tencel
  • Cost: £

Check the brands about page for transparency

Check ‘about page’ when shopping brands. The more transparency the more trust, your money is making a difference.


  • An global market place found online or as an app
  • Buy and sell fashion items to people with similar fashion tastes
  • You can follow buyers and sellers, who you are inspired by, can see what they like, building a community of fashionistas
  • Make money on things you already own
  • Great for decluttering
  • Sustainable option, as you are not buying ‘new’ stuff
  • Can be downloaded for free
  • Sellers pay a 10% fee to Depop
  • Costs £


  • New kid on the Dubai fashion block, Retold is vintage store previously known as ‘ my ex wardrobe’.
  • Newly opened with everything from designer shoes, bags, jumpsuits to wedding dresses!
  • You won’t have to worry about others having the same clothes at a party, shopping away from trends and investing in quality items
  • Expect to find one off pieces, with a whole load of sass.
  • Spreading the reduce, reuse and recycle vibe in Dubai.
  • Offers to sell your preloved designer clothes
  • Cost: ££

The Closet

  • Has two vintage boutiques located in Jumeirah, Dubai, and is also available online.
  • Specializes in well looked after, highly sorted, designer bags, shoes and accessories for the style conscious
  • Designer labels at 50% of the retail prices
  • Is the more sustainable way to shop, as you are not buying new items, and recirculating what is already there
  • Costs ££-£££

There are more and more, ethical fashion brands popping up, to meet the growing demands, of socially responsible consumers.

These brands, don’t encourage you to shift your shopping binging habits, on to them. There is a mutual demand, on conscious spending habits, conscious ethical practices and sustainable lifestyles, on the consumer as well as the retailer. Only in this way, can we make changes, to our current dysfunctional, global systems.

If you really want to shift global fast fashion trends, and stop the madness of cheap clothes, cheap prices at the cost of cheap labour, then these changes need to start with you.

You have the purchasing power, brands know this, and they will accommodate to wherever the consumer money goes. Let your money do the talking.

Let me know in the comments, of global ethical brands and local brands that you would like to give an honorable mention.

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3 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Shop Ethically

  1. shulymohammed says:

    This is a well compiled list of places to shop guilt free! You’ve put places I wouldn’t have thought of like depop. Lots of fashion bloggers have their own accounts so great opportunity to get your hands on their goodies.

    Also I LOVE MONKI! Glad to see them featured x

    Liked by 1 person

    • pockettreasures says:

      Thanks I know this list is for me and do any recommendations are appreciated! After realizing that most of the high street brands are now off limits I needed an alternative when the need arises. I love monki!


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