10 Mindful Gift Ideas for a Minimalist

As I embark on my own minimalist journey, I find myself guarding what I allow into my home. Not wanting to own more, and realizing how real the struggle of decluttering is, I am ever so more conscious, of my own gift giving habits.

These gift ideas can be given anytime of year, and for any occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, or just because.

Kindle – I love physical books, but having a Kindle allows me to hoard books, guilt free. I know there are die hard book lovers out there, and I am one too, but honestly this is the next best thing.

Audible – Another one for book lovers, who are stretched for time. When you love books, but just don’t have enough time in a day, to sit down, with a physical book, and read. Audible is the answer! Audible is an online audiobook portal. With a monthly or yearly subscription, you’ll be going through heaps of books, in no time at all. This will surely bring tears of joy, to one’s eyes. Also be prepared to have your ear chewed off, when they tell you how many books they’ve gotten through!

Date Night – Take them out for a night out. Whether it be for dinner, or a movie, make a date, to give them your time, which shows that you value their company.

Buy an Experience. If you know the person well, you’ll know their passions, whether it be photography lessons, or art classes, driving a super car, horse riding, to learning to cook with Michelin star chef. There are plenty of options.

Give them a Break – If the person you’re thinking of has kids, then give them a day, for the love of God! Offer to take care of their kids, while they do whatever they please. This is another one that will produce tears of joy! Make sure you have experience with kids with this one!

Skillshare – Online Subscription course that gears up to your loved ones passions. This online learning platform helps you to learn skills from the comfort of your home. Courses from how to build an Online business, to 101 of accounting, to understanding content marketing to learning a new language. There are over 18,000 courses to choose from.

Buy Tickets for an Event. Whether it be a live concert, comedy stand up, or a meeting with the Dalai lama, make sure their diary is free. Also make sure to buy an extra ticket so that they can take a +1!

Book them a Pamper Day – a spa day, sauna pass, mani pedi or just a salon day where they can get pampered and take care of themselves.

Give a Charitable Donation in their Honour. Because face it we already have more than enough. Making a donation such as building a well, helping refugees, sponsoring a child to education, donation for animal shelter. Whatever it is there are plenty of causes that need helping. It can be the most intangible gift you can give. If you know a charity that is close to their heart, a cause that needs more donations, or even help out with a charity event your loved one is a part of, they will surely appreciate the thoughtfulness of your intention.

Pay for some helping hands. Whether it be ironing taken care of, or someone that comes in to do all the cleaning and dusting. This is a gift that really takes care of their needs.

Let me know what mindful gifts you have given someone in the past, so we can all get more ideas!

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