19 thoughts on “Building a Ramadan Legacy 

  1. Dustymemoir.wordpress.com says:

    Ive been trying to do much of what you’ve written. Getting them excited for this month has been most important to get their interest. My daughter is 4 years old and is really enjoying ramadan. I hope slowly we can teach them to be must better muslims than we are Inshallah.
    Read my post on http://www.adustymemoir.com

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  2. cinnamonxsugar says:

    Your Ramadan posts are lovely! I love how you’re always so proactive especially with the kids. Not that I can relate, but it’s really interesting anyway!
    May you have a blessed last few days of Ramadan ❤

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  3. Tarana Khan says:

    Such great tips! It’s important not to lose sight of the worship aspect of Ramadan in all the excitement, as you say.


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