5 Apps That Changed My Blogging Life

I’ve been blogging on and off for almost a decade. More off than on, to be frank. The deciding factor for me , it’s highly unrealistic, to sit at a desktop for any length of time, being the primary care giver of three young children. 

These 5 apps have literally been game changers for me, from the difference of not blogging to blogging. They make it super easy for me to blog consistently, hassle free on the go, and not losing my precious sleep time. The best part is they are all free!

So, in order of most usage…

1. Notes. I live and die on my notes. I don’t have a fancy one just the one that comes along with my iPhone, I’m typing on it right now… hehe. I prefer this to anything else because, firstly I always have my phone with me. Secondly it’s free. Thirdly, I won’t be deleting it by accident. Fourthly, I won’t delete it by purpose because it’s taking up my phone storage. Fifthly, I think I didn’t need that many reasons but I like lists. 

2. WordPress App. Obvious right ? I rarely go on my desk top to upload blog posts. However this doesn’t stop me from blogging. WordPress is perfect for my Blogging on the go needs. 

3. Canva. A nifty little app to get your smarty pants quotes looking like you did a online graphics course, when you didn’t. Looks like you paid for your logos, but you didn’t; and looks like you give a shit, which you do. 

4. Typography
. Very easy to use even for a novice like me. I am your grandma when it comes to online gadgets, widgets, whatchamight call it, but even I can maneuver this and make it look somewhat easy.  They have huge selection of inspirational, wisdom inducing backdrops, perfect for your witty words to be stamped upon.

5. Logo. So I’ve used this app to make my header, do you like it? Again I’m not a web designer,I think you know that by now,  nor am I going to hire one any time soon. I want to freshen up my page when boredom strikes. The best part it’s free, as are all the apps I have mentioned, since the best things in life are free! 

I have also started to dabble in Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram to publicize my posts, but these things don’t really give me life. They drain my energy, seem counterproductive and many hours can be spent off track very easily. I guess, if you’re a blogger who needs an audience to get work validated, then by all means take a chunk of your time to conquer these platforms, however I don’t have the patience for ghost followers. And so I may use them for sake of publishing my work to build my legacy, but that’s as far as it goes. 

What are you’re blogging apps that you live by ? Share and let’s grow together. 

Read more, it’s free  and it’s good for you!

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14 thoughts on “5 Apps That Changed My Blogging Life

  1. itsareaderslife says:

    I’m planning on slicing my blog up this summer when I finish exams. I have three months off with nothing to do so what better time! I’m not a very technical person so these apps sound like they’ll be a great help😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. miss_ananya says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing about all these apps. Notes and the WordPress app I already have and they are wonderful! I am so gonna use canva right now and the other two some day. ❀❀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. quirkyfangirlblog says:

    Ooh!! I love seeing people’s blogs with such DAMN BEAUTIFUL PICTURES AND HEADERS. I feel so smug now that I know your secret!!! And thank god all the apps are free- I’ve never downloaded an app that costs money in my life no matter how many 5 star reviews there are- and I’m not planning on starting now!! Great post- I’m going to look these up right now!!

    Liked by 1 person

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