Game Plan for an Epic Ramadan

If you haven’t already, check out my previous post Plan for an epic Ramadan, starting with outlining your goals. 
This post is more on how I plan to reach my Ramadan goals. 

Phase 2: Game Plan

‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’

We all want a productive Ramadan, however, we can’t deny obvious low energy levels and eventual slump in motivation. Hence, before my brain juices dry up, I plan to act smart now.

The strategy

Do much as possible outside of Ramadan, simples!

Connect with Quran
. Why wait for Ramadan I’m starting the Quran right now! Why not? I have a couple of weeks head start, and I can read it slowly, rather than a hurried pace. Also I have already made a start at learning and memorising a new surah (chapter of Quran). 

Praying on time.
I’ve downloaded free ‘Athan’ App from App Store to get me into the practice of performing salah on time without delay, and see which prayer times are my weakest. I know my weak spots already, but having an app glaring the obvious in my face, helps me to further my guilt and kick me into action. This app not only tells you when it’s prayer time, it keeps logs of the prayers you have missed, reminds you to read Quran daily, and has daily duas too. It’s a pretty nifty companion to have during Ramadan. Highly recommended. Check it out here

Dua list. Writing down my top ten Dua (wish) list, is my favorite things to do every year, for obvious reasons. (I’ll tell you in my next post why this is so important to me, and why you cannot leave this out of your life!)

. Ramadan games printed out for kids, to have fun whilst learning. Print out good deeds chart for family. 
Decorate. Start to put up Ramadan decorations and lights now.

Build up. Make Ramadan calendar set to go for when Ramadan starts, to build up the excitement for kids. 

Shopping usually takes several trips, and a lot of energy, with three kids in tow, and so is best done outside of Ramadan, less chance of total burn out!
Buying eid outfits well before Ramadan starts diminishes the stress of a mad last minute shop and outfits being out of stock.

Feeding the masses. Even though majority of the day is spent restraining yourself from eating food, Ramadan usually comes with huge food shopping demands. It’s a time where family friends neighbors and strangers are invited to share food together.  I want to share food but the idea of spending the whole of Ramadan buying food brings me out in a sweat. Instead I will buy in bulk and avoid last minute shopping for Ramadan, thus having the food at hand without driving around nuts everyday. 

Planing meals. I want to reduce as many shopping trips as possible in the month of Ramadan so I will be planning my meals and making mostly one pot dishes. Buying  a lot of tinned food, frozen food and pantry staples such as rice, pasta, flour that can be bought in advance be easily stored and are guaranteed to be used up. 

Feeding made a breeze. Make a few meals ahead and store in freezer, for those days you don’t want to even look at the kitchen, never mind cook!

Reminder to myself. No good deed should be delayed. If you want to do something good, do it now, why wait till Ramadan! there is no guarantee you will reach it. This is the reason why even though I plan to do things in Ramadan I have started the ball rolling from now. 


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