Intention For An Epic Ramadan

Phase 1: Intention

With Ramadan so near, I always inflate all my Ramadan goals to the max, and romanticize how my Ramadan will go. I’m so pumped and eager weeks before Ramadan starts, and then by the end of Ramadan, I’m deflated, exhausted and feel like a failure, for not reaching all or any of my goals. 

I feel I have either too many, too big or very distracted vision. Even whilst thinking of everything I want to do, I feel overwhelmed by it. 

My goals go something like this..

Personal Goals

  • Have a top 10 dua (wish) list which I say over the course of Ramadan 
  • Read the whole of Quran 
  • Read the five daily prayers without delay
  • Learn one new surah 

Family Goals

  • Schedule family prayer time with husband and kids
  • Teach kids the meaning of Ramadan through stories, videos, crafts etc 
  • Get kids excited about Ramadan 
  • Decorate the house
  • Make Ramadan calendar with goodies for each day 
  • Get them involved in giving to the community
  • Have good deed chart for family

Community Goals

  • Share food with family, friends and neighbors.
  • Hand out food/drinks to under priveliged labourers I see passing by. 
  • Set up community ‘Ramadan fridge’, keep it stocked up with free food and  drinks throughout Ramadan for laborers. 
  • Drum up support on Facebook for ‘Ramadan Fridge’
  • Increase acts of kindness x 100 
  • Make goodie bags to hand out to neighbours and children.

Some Ramadans I reach my personal goals,  but I wish I was more involved outside the house. Whilst other Ramadans I reach my community goals, however my personal and spiritual goals are lacking. This Ramadan I want to reach community goals, spiritual, communal and parental goals. Which is always the case! I want to do it all. Is it wrong, to want to do it all? No, I tell myself, it’s not wrong, but I need to keep it realistic, by the tenth Ramadan, I’m bound to hit the Ramadan slump, and I don’t want to fizzle out and not finish on a high. 

So I have my goals, but I also have my strategies, my coping mechanisms, which I hope will help me accomplish all I’ve set my self to do, with the help of Allah (swt). 

Let me know what’s your plan for Ramadan. What things would make your Ramadan epic? What is your best Ramadan memory?

I’ll share my strategies on reaching my Epic Ramadan goals in the next post.


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