When You Don’t Have Instagram Worthy Photos

If you’re anything like me, don’t let your lack of photography skills stop you from blogging. 

I don’t have time to take beautifully orchestrated pictures, I’m not good at it. 
I could probably take a half decent food pic, if I didn’t have a wrestling baby on my lap, trying to throw everything in his ‘grabbing radius’, off the table.

I feel weird taking pictures all the time, since my kids constantly watch me, and think it’s normal to take pictures of everything. However, it’s not what I want as normal, so I try to actively combat it. See Urgency of mindful living

Also, the pay off of actually trying to take a decent picture, before disaster strikes, especially when it doesn’t even look good, isn’t worth it. Like I said, I’m no photographer. 

The lighting is never good. The angles, meh. I’m never going to get up on my chair and take pictures, I don’t want to do that.

But I want my blog to still look good and be visually appealing.

So I opt for getting high quality free pics of the internet. Wahay! Now I know sometimes you see lots of people with the same pic and it looks too generic, but you can always add your own spice to it, add graphic, lettering, writing or quotes, that’s if it really bothers you. You get the picture!

Here are the top places I goto for general pics, I download heaps in one go, and have them readily available in my library whenever I need to post, they usually fit what I write about. 

These sites do not require you to sign in or register, which is an additional step I do not need in my life. Especially with the heaps of junk mail I already receive so, no thank you. 

  1. .Unsplash 

  1. Pixabay.com

  1. Pexels.com

  1. Negativespace.co

  1. Picjumbo.com

Let me know where you get your pics from or any apps you use to get your mediocre pics look fly. 

Share what you know, and let our minds  grow! 


14 thoughts on “When You Don’t Have Instagram Worthy Photos

  1. ruminvte says:

    I love taking pictures myself but I completely understand what you mean as it can be very time consuming editing and trying to get the perfect shot! Thank you so much for sharing these sites as I find myself searching through google endlessly to no avail. I’m sure these sites will come in handy! x

    Liked by 2 people

  2. randomthoughtsbyhaya says:

    Taking great pictures is such a hassle! I’m constantly trying to find content for my Instagram and I’m usually never happy with what comes out! For photo editing I use Snapseed and VSCO (I like Snapseed more though)
    Thanks for these awesome website I’ll definitely check them out

    Liked by 1 person

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