You Know You’re a Blogger When…

You know you’re a blogger…
When you find yourself hilarious.
When your blog brings back childhood journalling memories.
When you don’t write down what’s on your mind you feel over burdened.
When you lose your trail of thought before writing it down, you kick yourself.
When everything you see, hear and read becomes and idea for a blog post.
When you’re on the toilet, and you can’t get off quick enough to write an awesome idea down (please remember to wash your hands!).
When you’re out and about, you’ve always got a phone or notepad at hand, ready to write down ideas, extension of ideas, thoughts and rants.
When all you can think about is blogging.
When it’s the first thing you think of in the morning.
When it’s the last thing you think of at night.
When it’s the thing you think of when you see something that really annoys you.
When you see something awesome.
When you see something weird.
When you see something positive.
When it’s something you enjoy and not a chore.
When you have 59 ideas all jotted down ready to go.
When you have 20 drafts ready to schedule.
When you take pictures of your food.
When you do wordless posts.
When it feels like free therapy.
When you can’t wait to virtually meet your blogger friends.
When you connect with people around the world.
When you’re in the middle of a fight and think what a great blog post it would be 😂.
When you have a voice and think it’s worth someone hearing it.

So just for laughs, it’s over to you! What things do you catch yourself doing, when you’re thinking of blogging? 


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