When You Don’t Have Instagram Worthy Photos

If you're anything like me, don't let your lack of photography skills stop you from blogging.  I don't have time to take beautifully orchestrated pictures, I'm not good at it.  I could probably take a half decent food pic, if I didn't have a wrestling baby on my lap, trying to throw everything in his … Continue reading When You Don’t Have Instagram Worthy Photos

You Know You’re a Blogger When…

You know you're a blogger... When you find yourself hilarious. When your blog brings back childhood journalling memories. When you don't write down what's on your mind you feel over burdened. When you lose your trail of thought before writing it down, you kick yourself. When everything you see, hear and read becomes and idea … Continue reading You Know You’re a Blogger When…

Girl Power Children Movies

Growing up as a kid, we were exposed to a lot of Disney movies, that looking back at now, I'm surprised I haven't been scarred for life! There's a lot of hallucinating scenes that I hated as a kid, and looking at as an adult, I don't want my kids watching. Then there's the evil … Continue reading Girl Power Children Movies

Eu rules that Muslim women can’t wear the Hijab, feminists stay silent…yet again – AngielopesUK