When You Don’t Have Instagram Worthy Photos

If you’re anything like me, don’t let your lack of photography skills stop you from blogging. 

I don’t have time to take beautifully orchestrated pictures, I’m not good at it. 
I could probably take a half decent food pic, if I didn’t have a wrestling baby on my lap, trying to throw everything in his ‘grabbing radius’, off the table.

I feel weird taking pictures all the time, since my kids constantly watch me, and think it’s normal to take pictures of everything. However, it’s not what I want as normal, so I try to actively combat it. See Urgency of mindful living

Also, the pay off of actually trying to take a decent picture, before disaster strikes, especially when it doesn’t even look good, isn’t worth it. Like I said, I’m no photographer. 

The lighting is never good. The angles, meh. I’m never going to get up on my chair and take pictures, I don’t want to do that.

But I want my blog to still look good and be visually appealing.

So I opt for getting high quality free pics of the internet. Wahay! Now I know sometimes you see lots of people with the same pic and it looks too generic, but you can always add your own spice to it, add graphic, lettering, writing or quotes, that’s if it really bothers you. You get the picture!

Here are the top places I goto for general pics, I download heaps in one go, and have them readily available in my library whenever I need to post, they usually fit what I write about. 

These sites do not require you to sign in or register, which is an additional step I do not need in my life. Especially with the heaps of junk mail I already receive so, no thank you. 

  1. .Unsplash 

  1. Pixabay.com

  1. Pexels.com

  1. Negativespace.co

  1. Picjumbo.com

Let me know where you get your pics from or any apps you use to get your mediocre pics look fly. 

Share what you know, and let our minds  grow! 

You Know You’re a Blogger When…

You know you’re a blogger…
When you find yourself hilarious.
When your blog brings back childhood journalling memories.
When you don’t write down what’s on your mind you feel over burdened.
When you lose your trail of thought before writing it down, you kick yourself.
When everything you see, hear and read becomes and idea for a blog post.
When you’re on the toilet, and you can’t get off quick enough to write an awesome idea down (please remember to wash your hands!).
When you’re out and about, you’ve always got a phone or notepad at hand, ready to write down ideas, extension of ideas, thoughts and rants.
When all you can think about is blogging.
When it’s the first thing you think of in the morning.
When it’s the last thing you think of at night.
When it’s the thing you think of when you see something that really annoys you.
When you see something awesome.
When you see something weird.
When you see something positive.
When it’s something you enjoy and not a chore.
When you have 59 ideas all jotted down ready to go.
When you have 20 drafts ready to schedule.
When you take pictures of your food.
When you do wordless posts.
When it feels like free therapy.
When you can’t wait to virtually meet your blogger friends.
When you connect with people around the world.
When you’re in the middle of a fight and think what a great blog post it would be 😂.
When you have a voice and think it’s worth someone hearing it.

So just for laughs, it’s over to you! What things do you catch yourself doing, when you’re thinking of blogging? 

Girl Power Children Movies

Growing up as a kid, we were exposed to a lot of Disney movies, that looking back at now, I’m surprised I haven’t been scarred for life! There’s a lot of hallucinating scenes that I hated as a kid, and looking at as an adult, I don’t want my kids watching. Then there’s the evil step mom, the wicked witch, the jealous queen  …sensing a theme. While we have the fathers either dead, aloof or super protective of their glass like daughters.  And I haven’t even gotten to the damsel in distress, waiting for a zillion years, waiting for her prince part. 

As a mother of two daughters and prominent feminist 2 year old son, I have to screen the dated Disney films, and pretty much all of them go out the window. 

However, I must say the newer breeds coming out from Disney and Pixar have been pleasantly surprising and don’t have me throwing the remote at the tv.

See my selection below and let me know if you agree. 


Image from here
Brave is something I recently discovered and I’m so glad I did. It’s about a princess, but hang on, she’s not your average sitting pretty, dressing in gowns, swirling in a ball room, princess. She’s your feisty, running wild, not caring about social norms, girls can rule the world, who needs a man, kinda princess.  This princess, cliche granted, has her neck on the guillotine, to choose a suitor, and get married, but there’s  a twist. Princess Merida isn’t satisfied by becoming a wife to some guy, she fights back at tradition and fate and seeks to change it. The story is about trying to change generations of tradition and destiny, contrary to the uptight queen’s wishes. This movie explores the relationship of mother and daughter, social pressures, and having open communication  between kids and parents. Many kids can relate to Merida and the Queen’s relationship, where one is told what to do and does the total opposite, whilst the other is a head strong authority figure trying to refine her daughter into marriage material. 

Suitable for 7 years + some scenes may scare sensitive children.


Image from here
Mulan is a childhood favorite and whenever it comes on now I force my girls to watch it. My girls are all about pink and fluffy things to my dismay, even though I’ve tried my best to teach them that girls can do anything they want, they still have gender roles in their heads. Mulan shows them that they can do and be anything a man can be. Mulan, a warrior is an inspiration as a young girl growing up. The story tells us that girls may be physically weaker than men but they are not mentally weaker which can lose the war. The movie address gender stereotypes, issues such as honor and ego. 

Age range 5+ years, has some scenes that may disturb younger viewers.


Image from here
Frozen another film I watched as an adult and mother of young daughters and I’m glad that there are movies like these coming up. Although there are elements of romance and falling madly in love at first sight bleurgh! That isn’t the central message and this is falling in love thing is made fun of in the movie. Nothing wrong with falling in love, but getting married after just the first meeting that’s just in Disney right? . This movie is about Ana and Elsa which has birthed many Anna and Elsa’s around the world which celebrates the bond of sisters. Elsa the protective older sister and the heir to the throne has a secret which she can not share with anyone. She is made to feel guilty and ashamed of herself and leads a life of seclusion even from her kids sister. Anna the complete opposite is a young naive klutzy living in fantasy type if girl you might say the typical Disney princess. However, when it comes to sticking by to family bonds, and not giving up on someone even if they’ve given up themselves, she is a force to be reckoned with

Age range: suitable for whole family. 


Image from here
Moana a chiefs daughter knows her destiny but she is constantly battling her personal legend of wanting to sail beyond the barrier reef. Her dad fearful of her lustful wondering of what is beyond the reef tries his best to commit her to her people as she is the heir. No gender stereotypes here, no one even questions how will a woman lead.  No romantic storylines to divert her focus and waste her time with. Moana’s island is in danger and she has to save it, no time to wait for Prince Charming.  She has a protective father who reminds her of her responsibilities, however she also has empowering women surrounding her that believe in her and what she is capable of. A movie about personal identity, social responsibility, and being your own hero.

Age range: 5+ years, some scenes may scare younger viewers.