Abu Dhabi Eats: U-Turn Diner

This weekend the husband surprised us with this 1950’s Kitsch find in Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi.

We don’t dine out often, but when we do, we opt for fuss free restaurants. Having three kids, who are clumsy at best, and with the youngest one’s nickname as ‘The Destroyer’, you can imagine how I fill up with dread, whenever the husband suggests a formal dining place.

Neither do the kids enjoy the experience of sitting still and eating, kids just want to have fun, they are not at all bothered about what they eat. Nor as parents, can we relax, when uptight parenting comes into play, teaching them table etiquettes, every 5 seconds.

U-Turn Diner
looked perfect on screen, visually engaging for the kids, promising to keep the whining at bay, with child friendly menu, quirky and vibrant diner decor and the famous freak sized desserts!

We went straight after Friday congregational prayer.

U-Turn was empty, which was to be expected and hoped for on a Friday early lunch hour, perfect, no one to annoy. Lucky for them.

The staff were very welcoming, helpful and making the kids feel this place was made for them.

They had an extensive menu, with all American diner style food with a dash of Latin American staples. They had so much to offer such as breakfast pancakes with maple syrup to chili hot dogs, to retro burgers and buffalo wings. They also had Arabic and Indian influenced dishes such as Chennai omelet with the added spice and Labneh sandwich.

Kids picked there usual non fussy food, Mac n Cheese and Hot Dog with fries and chocolate milkshake.

The ‘big kids’ ordered the ‘OMG burger’ and Philli Burger with coke.

The burgers were true to their name! Just looking at it could lead to a cardiac arrest. It was a man v food moment guess who won? 

Food of course!

The kids did well, they wiped up their plates with their perfect kiddy portions, which is a rarity.

But we were struggling after just a few mouthfuls. The OMG burger consisted of three layers of beef burger, a layer of bacon strips a layer of hashbrown and salad. Total burger height = husbands head.

We took the leftovers in a doggy bag. With our heads held high for attempting to get in the ring with the burger. Yolo!

What attracted us to U-turn were their signature ‘freak’ desserts. However with the fear of waste and having failed terribly on the burgers, we eyed up the desserts again, which were equally monstrous proportions, and declined. Although, I can imagine being drawn back here just for the desserts very soon. Watch this space!

Pic from U-Turn Instagram


  • They had a kids area, with smart gadgets to entertain. Staff were amazing always trying to make ‘the destroyer’ feel comfortable.
  • Kids were happy with their food options. We were happy with the burger flavours, it didn’t disappoint.
  • Decor was fully committed to the American diner theme, complete with a jukebox.
  • Liked the train cubicles that are perfect for privacy and family with kids that won’t sit still.
  • Plentiful parking upfront.


A little pricey but that’s like any place you go out to eat at in Abu Dhabi. The portions were very generous so you get a lot for what you pay for. Whether you finish it is another thing!

Overall 4/5 stars

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own and I am in no way affiliated with this restaurant.


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