No Toys Challenge

My kids are always bored with the toys they have, they play with it for a day and then thats it, they forget about it. Instead they opt to laze around, watch the telly, draw or play on the phone. Nonetheless, their eyes light up whenever we pass toy stores, and their wish lists for their birthday, becomes never-ending.

I have found that the more they have, the less imaginative they are, when they have no toys. They keep complaining they have nothing to do, or don’t know how to have fun unless directed by me.

If I tell them go to your room and have free play they ask ‘and do what?’. I’m stunned, they have a zillion more toys than I ever had. I remember having one toy or maybe two in the history of my childhood. But I never once went complaining to my mom that I was bored! If I had gone to my mom, she would’ve laughed in my face. Boredom was not a thing growing up, it was a none issue. You just deal.

I tell my kids how we used to play teachers, banks, post office, cooking up mud Mississippi pies, tea parties, with absolutely no commercial toys. We just had our imagination scraps of paper, unwanted kitchen junk, water, rock, grass and the world was our oyster.

So I’m on this quest, to inspire my kids into believing, that you don’t need things to have fun if you’ve got imagination nothing can limit you.

Here is a list of games I came up with my kids

  1. Memory game
  2. Musical statues
  3. Musical chairs
  4. Duck Duck Goose
  5. Having a grass/leaf/snow fight
  6. Making daisy chains
  7. Going on a bug hunt
  8. Building Sandcastles
  9. Writing words in the sand
  10. Making designs in rice tray
  11. Get creative recycle junk to make something else
  12. Pairing socks game using stop watch (inspired by sorting out laundry)
  13. Pairing shoes (inspired by the pile of shoes I have to clear up everyday)
  14. Picking straws – pile them up and remove one at a time without disturbing the others
  15. Making bubbles with milk shake
  16. Throwing socks in a laundry basket
  17. Noughts n crosses
  18. Hop scotch 
  19. Tag
  20. Stuck in the mud
  21. Bull dog – run from one side of the garden to the other without getting caught. Once caught you join the catchers till all runners are caught out.
  22. What’s the time Mr Fox
  23. Making bubbles with washing up liquid and a straw
  24. Water fight with plastic bottles cups plates tubs and whatever else you can find.
  25. Making a fort with pillows blankets sheets
  26. Pretend to camp outside,inside
  27. Going on a treasure hunt making a map with clues
  28. Blind fold game directing player by giving instructions
  29. Hot and cold game (hide something only giving clues if they are hot or cold)
  30. Charades
  31. Name that tune game
  32. Eye spy
  33. Guess who – act out someone from the family or friends
  34. 20 questions
  35. Hide and seek
  36. Obstacle course
  37. Make a collage with things from outside72okqsu7ggm-annie-spratt
  38. Step on shadow chase
  39. Walking on lines game
  40. Talent show
  41. Fashion show
  42. Chinese whispers
  43. ‘Home alone’ inspired operation get the burglar plan making booby traps
  44. Make your own board game
  45. Make your own magazine/ book
  46. Rock Paper Scissors
  47. Clapping games a sailor went to sea sea sea
  48. Make up songs
  49. Pretend to be a spy/ detective / pirate

What games did you play as a child that didn’t require any materials except what you had lying around and your imagination? I would love to know the fun games you used to play!




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