Girl Power Movies with Badass Women not wanting ‘The Guy’

If you scroll through my previous posts you may guess… I am a Girl Power advocate, (see Girl Power Book Wish List , Books: People I Want to Hang Out With). Yes, I am a woman and Yes, I am also a mother of young, impressionable children.

So no surprise, that I am tired of seeing, the same cliche filled, pink, fluffy, ‘like omg’ movies, that are centered around attracting ‘the guy’- or even worse ‘any guy’ – with the girl’s primary talent, her looks.

These are your bog standard ‘chick flick’ movies, your average Rom Coms. Don’t even get me started on the guy movies, my head might just explode, along with the male ego. Dude movies might as well not have any women in them, since the lines they have are so minuscule, might as well be in a foreign language, as it has no relevance to the movie. ‘The girl’s’ sole purpose is to be saved from the bad guys/ sleaze ball/ psychopath  and be the trophy at the end of the ‘good guy’ who she, of course, is madly in love with.

I abhor these type of one dimensional movies, pumping the stereotype, of women cannot be anything without a man, assumedly they’re half of a person, and the man completes their sole existence –  bleurgh!

So I thought I’d compile a list of movies, that star female protagonists, who are not interested in being the love interest, and are all about being badass in their own right. Most of my films you may notice are bio pics, which goes to show, that real women are not really like the pink fluff that these brain dead movies portray.

Erin Brockivich (2000)

Bio pic about a legal clerk turned environmental activist. I truly believe women are born activists, this is where us women thrive. In her element Julia Roberts owns this movie, depicting a single mother with no formal law education going head to head with huge corporation.

Kill Bill (2003)

A pregnant bride left for dead at her wedding venue along side her wedding party. After 4 years in a coma said bride comes to and seeks revenge from bill and all of his squad of assassins, her previous colleagues. Doesn’t get any more badassy than this movie.

Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Movie about a women wanting to get into professional boxing. She convinces a veteran coach, who doesn’t think much of women boxing, to train her. The movie deals with how women are not taken seriously in sports and how they have to be twice as good just to get a look in.

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

Ok admittedly this movie isn’t about saving yourself from any assassins, or inner demons, but it does deal with women on women hate in the work place. Women in high positions are notoriously ‘married’ to their work. Climbing up the career ladder requires sacrificing friends and family, which are part and parcel of corporate life. No one bats an eyelid if you’re a man, as it’s totally acceptable. But as women you are lacking and failing at being your true soft and nurturing self. This movie shows how taking your job to the nth level you can be seen as a crazy woman as apposed to a successful career driven man.

Eat Pray Love (2010)

Huge fangirl of the book and have become a life long stalker of the big G, Elizabeth Gilbert. A bio pic based on Gilberts travel memoir of self discovery through all the senses, lifting the mind body and soul. A movie that rejects wanting a man to complete is when we are feeling lost. It instead inspires us to look within ourselves, emboldening the most homely of us to travel and live to our fullest. Absolutely love this and can’t recommend it enough.

The Blind Side (2009)

Truly heart warming and inspiring bio pic, of how a young boy was given a chance in life and became a professional football player. Story is about a black teen who becomes homeless because his mom has to many kids to care for that often leaves him behind. A white well off family see that the young boy is homeless and take him in to their home. Formally becoming his legal guardians they transform his life and theirs in the process. Not a dry eye in the house this story is so touching and heart warming to see reminding us that what unites us is our humanness.

Neerja (2016)

Hindi Movie with english subtitles available: This Indian Bio pic, is about an air hostess, who risks her life, to save whole plane full of passengers, from a hostage terror attack. Awe inspiring true story, the heroism and bravery of this young lady who didn’t think about her own life, trying to save her crew and passengers, will leave you with a lump in your throat.

Hidden Figures (2017)

I haven’t seen this movie yet but from its trailer alone I can tell this is a must see. Full to the brim with powerful women wanting to make a difference to history. Not only representing themselves but representing black and whole of womenkind.


My list is not in the least extensive, as these movies are hard to come by. If you  have any more recommendations, please do suggest them in the comments, I will only be too ecstatic, to check them out!



4 thoughts on “Girl Power Movies with Badass Women not wanting ‘The Guy’

  1. bookreviews5blog says:

    The Devil Wears Prada is one of my favourite movies! It reminds me of the noughties so much. I’m also seeing Hidden Figures tonight which I am so excited for

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