Speaking as a Woman



Hardly anything bothers me more than women dismissing other women’s concerns.

“Oh, come on. You’re not that oppressed. No woman know deals with that. Women and their victim complexes these days….”

And I get it. Sexism, misogyny, and oppression are not often words that describe my personal day to day experience as a woman.

I have never experienced workplace discrimination. I am paid the same wages as my male counterparts. I have never been catcalled, sexually harassed, sexually assaulted, or raped. I have never felt slut-shamed or body-shamed. My husband wouldn’t even think to tell me to submit or remember my place as his wife. I can think of only two guys in my life who treated me differently than they treated men (or perhaps I imagined it).

The only real sexist discrimination I faced came from a fundamentalist church that I no longer attend and ideologies from my past that…

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The Sunshine Blogger Award!

I have been nominated for Sunshine Blogger Award, by the ever so generous Scottish Muslimah. I am always inspired by the talented Scottish Muslimah thought provoking blogs. And so extremely honored, humbled and honestly a little giddy to be amongst her nominees. I don't think I've been nominated for anything! Thank you so much for … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award!

Why I Think You Should Blog Already

This is a post for my sister who I'm trying to convince to blog.  Since it's her birthday tomorrow, I can't think of a better gift, than to convince her to blog! These are all the reasons why I think blogging benefits me and hopefully if you're reading this and still waiting on the blogging fence … Continue reading Why I Think You Should Blog Already

Abu Dhabi Eats: U-Turn Diner

This weekend the husband surprised us with this 1950's Kitsch find in Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi. We don't dine out often, but when we do, we opt for fuss free restaurants. Having three kids, who are clumsy at best, and with the youngest one's nickname as 'The Destroyer', you can imagine how I fill up … Continue reading Abu Dhabi Eats: U-Turn Diner

No Toys Challenge

My kids are always bored with the toys they have, they play with it for a day and then thats it, they forget about it. Instead they opt to laze around, watch the telly, draw or play on the phone. Nonetheless, their eyes light up whenever we pass toy stores, and their wish lists for their birthday, … Continue reading No Toys Challenge