30 Ways to Self Love

There’s always time for self love no matter how insignificant it might seem, it is so necessary. Taking time out to take care of yourself daily is crucial to your well being both mentally and physically. You and I have lots of responsibilities and duties to be fulfilled, but if mama ain’t happy then the kids are not happy. You are of no use to anyone, if you grudgingly get through your day, so don’t think of it as being selfish, you are doing a favour on the world!

Here are some quick simple pick me ups to keep you bouncing everyday.

  1. Drink water blah blah blah I know everyone says it but we STILL forget, so just do it. Keep a litre bottle of water filled everyday and see how much you have been sipping on. Keep it visible so you are reminded all day.
  2. Go to the toilet when you need it, don’t put it off, seriously it’s the little things and yes the world can wait!
  3. Dress up, get out of your pyjamas, even if you are not planning on going out. So often I lounge all day in my sleepwear, that neither do I want to go out nor do I want people coming to my house. Get out of the funk, change your clothes first thing and be ready for the day.
  4. Wear makeup, not because you intend to go out or to impress someone or because your face is hideous, but the extra effort you make on your appearance, you feel good inside that you made your self ready to seize the day. It doesn’t need to be layers of war paint, it can just be that you put on a moisturiser and lip balm if thats what makes you feel put together. Don’t be a zombie with drool on your face all day, that is all.
  5. Have a coffee/tea drink whatever floats your boat in a special ‘go to’ nook. It makes all the difference, trust me, that 2 minutes of absolute bliss is like a head massage without hands.
  6. Get a massage, Oh my God just do it! Head, neck, foot, full body or whatever you can, your body will be singing after.
  7. Accept compliments that come your way, don’t back hand them, but don’t fill up with pride either. Just acknowledge the exchange of good towards good, simple.
  8. Smile and don’t tell me you have nothing to smile about, make yourself smile, you maniac!
  9. Read books… Think… Expand… Grow.
  10. Paint your nails not because you are girly or because you aren’t, but again the time you spent in just applying polish, being mindful, of not getting it all over the place and waiting impatiently or patiently, is a little more time spent on yourself and thats a good thing so do it and feel all sparkly and shit.
  11. Go for a walk, get some fresh air, it will do wonders for you and it’s free.
  12. Eat your food outside, be it on a balcony, or in the garden and if its too cold for that, at least crack open a window.
  13. Kick some leaves about, find your inner child and let your hair down. Don’t always be so uptight, remember how rolling on grass felt? Splashing in puddles? If you can’t, it’s time you did. Refresh that memory of when life was simple and you just wanted a to have fun.
  14. Slap some face mask on, let it soak in, get all glowy.
  15. Eat the last piece of cake.
  16. Eat the first piece of cake.
  17. Drink slowly.
  18. Eat slowly, mothers must be laughing right now, but yeh its a thing.
  19. Wear clothes that make you feel confident, not sexy they are not necessarily the same thing.
  20. Plan your clothes the night before, lay them out, come on girl you got this
  21. Moisturise like crazy and feel like a million bucks. You may want to do this last thing at night, as you don’t wanna look like a shiny lightbulb.
  22. Exfoliate polish let that inner glow shine.
  23. Comb your hair! Twenty something year olds most be grossing out right now, but mama aint got time and so mama needs reminding.
  24. Try out a new hairstyle, go on live on the edge.
  25. Breathe inhale (through your nose)…1…2…3…4…5…6…7 exhale…1…2…3…4…5…6…7 (through your mouth) repeat till you get bored.
  26. Read a book I know I said that already but I’m serious.
  27. Clean up and declutter, a clean and clutter free house is a clean and clutter free mind. You want to have clear thoughts, new ideas, get out the funk get your environment in order. If this mean simply doing your bed in the morning, loading the dishwasher, keeping the sink free of dishes just do that. It’s these little habits that only take a minute to do but can burden us if we let it accumulate if we start to slack.
  28. Say hello or smile at random non creepy people in a non creepy way.
  29. Keep a journal, be your own cheerleader, write down what you are grateful for as reminders to how awesome life is. Write down your goals, be grateful that you have goals, something to live for, something strive to for.
  30. Learn a new skill. When was the last time you learnt something? May be you have a talent that has gone unnoticed, explore new things and reach goals you’ve been putting off, one little step each day and you’ll be happier for it.

What ways do you give more time to yourself? I would love to know in the comments below.


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