5 Ways to Being Content with Yourself

Often times we reach the end of the day and wish he had done things differently in situations. Or how things had gone wrong and had we reacted in a certain way we may’ve gotten more better results. We look at others who have a laid back approach or are seemingly more happier individuals and think how are they so carefree, bubbly and positive. Why is it so hard for me to let go of things? Why do I let other people effect me so much or let situations frustrate me or even my own behaviour get the better of me?

The answer to all of these questions are that we look outwardly to peoples perfections but inwardly to our own flaws. Our eyes are glossed over by what people show us whilst expertly hiding their many woes. I am not saying people purposely live fake lives but they tend to publicise whats good in their lives rather than the bad stuff that they may not be happy that you hear about. The trick to being content is not seeking to be ecstatic all of the time as that is unachievable but to recognise that self doubt and sadness is a human characteristic. Being content is to be sad when it is required but to remain optimistic having hope and keeping an eye on the light at the end of the tunnel. See the positive regardless if you are on a up or a downward streak. Know that no one is perfect and that the struggles that you face secretly are the problems that most people struggle with too. Do not compare your struggles and peoples happiness as they will never be the same. We have our own lives to lead and we cannot lead it in others shadows.

See below my top 5 tips on how to be content with yourself today.

  1. Reflect – those who reflect on life are more content. Content is not just constantly smiling a crazy smile or maintaining a high, its going about your daily life knowing that everything is ok even if you’re going through a bad patch. Reflect on the good things that are present in your life they will far outweigh the bad stuff. In the early morning or just before going to sleep at night take 5 minutes of quiet time to reflect on your day and be grateful. You’re alive, big bonus you’re breathing,you are witnessing another beautiful day. When reflecting becomes you’re daily routine you will find that you start to reflect in any given situation right after a disaster, right after a shortcoming or after something extremely amazing happens and you appreciate and are grateful even more. Highly recommend The Five minute journal getting into the habit of seeking the daily goodness in your life. You become more in tune with your emotions and understand that good and bad times pass so cherish every moment and learn from it. Know that happy peaceful people who you are inspired by are just like you, they have good and bad days but that moment when you are getting inspired by them they may be having a particularly good moment. We are a collection of moments and emotions some good some bad the trick is to always look for the rainbow even in a storm the moment will pass hold on, it will pass.
  2. Have good friends. You will do yourself no favours if you have a bunch of friends who always bring you down. Doesn’t matter how long you may know them and they may have been good friends since childhood but its time to grow up and move on and find people who share your goals and uplift you and not bring you down. Friends may know your flaws and they are supposed to cover it up not magnify them. Having toxic friends will drain you physically spending time with them and mentally trying to reason with their negativity. Any positive changes you may under take could endanger them so they fill you with doubt and dampen your spirit or delay your goals so that you spend heedless time with them.  True friends will welcome whats best for you, will boost your productivity will be your loudest cheerleaders and help each other with reaching personal goals. 
  3. Have a hobby. You may have a day job and that could well be your dream job congratulations if you do, but majority of us are settling for a job that pays the bills. How to get the best out of life where you pay the bills plus do what you like to do, where your passion lies? Have a hobby, that may be hiking, drawing, baking what ever it is pursue it and let not your dreams go untouched. Crack away at them in your spare time you may never know that by putting away those hours in your passion it can be your dream job after all.
  4. Live a life of service. Give back to your community and build on its strengths.  Be a known familiar face in your neighbourhood for the right reasons. Be that friendly face that says hi to people in return when you’re not having such a great day others will greet you and instantly perk you up for having such caring people around. Give away things that you don’t need, don’t accumulate years of junk which can subconsciously clutter up your mind. Give away to family friends and the needy. Help someone in need. Get involved.
  5. Have your cake and eat it. Its good to have balance in your life you’re taking care of your health and body and take care of your diet. Sometimes just sometimes its good to indulge in that cake or ice-cream its all about balance not binging but n moderation. Live a life like everyday is your last and even on your last day you should live in moderation and not in desperation.

Share what makes you happy and content with your life in the comments below. I would love to know how do you make things right when the day just isn’t going the way you wanted it to.



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