Out the Door in 30 Minutes.

How to be that mom who can get out the door in 30 minutes and remember everything. Impossible! I hear you cry. I know, seems pretty daunting as I am the mom who can take up to two hours to leave the house some days. But I certainly can be that mom when I have this action plan in play.

I have three kids, my youngest is 7 months whilst the eldest is 6 years and it used to take me 2 hours when I just  had the one child, especially at newborn stage. Sometimes it took me so much effort to get out the house that I just didn’t feel like going out anymore. Which made me more stressed, I felt closed in, isolated and burdened. I realised that I needed to come up with a way to getting ready faster as it was stressing me out just thinking about going out any where. Now I get ready like a pro, I don’t bat an eyelid when I have to even go for a 2 day road trip with kids!

So here it is the sure fire way to get out the door in 30 minutes flat.

  1. Have a routine. This helps enormously, it allows you and your kids to be in auto mode and avoid zombie mode especially in the mornings. Get kids to get ready by themselves my elder two can pretty much get dressed and ready so all I do is their hair and pour out the go-to breakfast in a rush, cereal.
  2. Preparation is the key. Have things in your bag ready to go the night before. Start getting things ready once the kids are in bed so less chance of distractions and a list in hand you’ll be ready in no time. Your handbag should be ready with wallet, phone, keys, passes and change. Have kids lunches and bags packed and babys nappy bag with all essentials ready at the door waiting to be picked up as you leave. I even have everything on the baby stroller so its just a matter of placing baby in their seat and off we go. 
  3. Choose clothes the night before. Lay them out easily visible the night before for you and the kids along with socks and shoes so there are no morning dashing around looking for orphan socks. Have baby bottles sterilised and ready to be filled at the last moment just before leaving the house.
  4. Be Smart. Those with babies know that they are the longest to get ready because of their unpredictability so I get my youngest ready last, less chances of several nappy/outfit changes. I feed him just before leaving so he can go longest with our requiring a top up on milk.
  5. Have a bag of snacks ready to go. If kids do not cooperate and eat breakfast in a hurry, you have juices, water and snacks at hand to counteract any tantrums. I always pack lollipops, they are as essential in a emergency, as a band aid.

Those are my little tips for a smooth and quick take off in the morning. Share yours in the comments below, remember sharing is caring!

Stay at home mom’s unfinished business

I am a stay at home mom with three children. I haven’t worked since giving birth to my first child six years ago.

I have no regrets not working whilst taking care of my children as I have had a husband who has had a stable job with a comfortable salary that doesn’t need to supplemented for our household to run. It’s a luxury and I feel lucky that I have the time and money to watch my kids grow and be with them every step of the way. I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Saying that I don’t feel secure having to rely on one source of income, having to rely on someone other than yourself. It is something somewhat bothersome to me. That source can be secure today but gone tomorrow just like anything in this world through circumstances beyond my control. I have reliance on God and think that whatever happens He will see me through good times and bad. So whatever happens in the future there is no point worrying and stressing about it now.

However I have this desire to be independent  working stay at home at mom a super mom if you will. One that has best of both worlds whilst not sacrificing on giving the children’s rights on having their mom around when they come home from school at various times of day but also earning something  significant.  Money isn’t the thing that drives me it never has it’s a plus point but a by product and so maybe that’s why I have left this dream untouched for so long. I feel my creative skills have been dormant and lost in the day to day of laundry dishes dinners and diapers. Time to set free the creative juices…

How many moms out there are in the same dilema as me ? I hear you