Be Happy Get Productive

I don’t know about some people but I get really happy when I get things done. That self righteous feeling of ticking a task off of a list is even better than making the list (women you know what I’m talking about). So here are some sure fire ways to do just that get things done and get happy. Enjoy!

1. Wake up early. No, seriously if you really want to get things done, wake up, get out of bed and get stuck into the day early. Real early, like you’re out doing the sun in productivity. My most productive hours of the day are from 6am-8am. The more this is part of your routine you’ll be more and more like a steam engine and be getting through your tasks in no time.

2. Get into ‘the zone’. Open some windows, light some candles, grab a coffee what ever it is that gives you that instant pick me up to kick start your day, taste the fresh crisp air of opportunity and get ready to take lead of the day and do not let the day lead you.

3. Make a list. Prioritise what needs to be done first e.g. bills, meetings, appointments. Plan your day out so that part of the day is allocated to certain tasks. Group your tasks together to save time e.g getting groceries on the way to picking up the kids to school this way you don’t have to go out of your way or make two separate trips. Saving time on these mundane tasks equals more happy time to do things you love. Remember don’t work hard work smart.

4. Prepare for the day the night before. Take out clothes to wear, have lunches ready, defrost whatever meal you will make the next day, load dishwasher and washing machine so all systems are go. The load ahead will literally feel lighter.

5. Do not multitask I repeat do not multitask. Chances are that you’re just doing lots of things badly without giving one thing your full attention and it usually takes twice as long. DO one task start to finish and then move on to the next one your not an octopus.

6. Delete apps. Facebook candy crush you know the stuff that drains all of your time. Delete them and start living your life.

7. Limit internet time. Put an egg timer on, do whatever it takes stay away from your phone. Switch the wifi off at night, get some early shut eye that way you’ll be fresher to seize the next productive day, Yay!

8. Go traditional. Use a notebook and pen if this means staying away from your phone! you can jot down things much quicker and if you’re like me when i have the phone in my hands i get distracted with texts and messages that i forget why i reached out for my phone in the first place.

9. Build a routine. Start doing things in a set order and putting things in auto pilot mode. If it’s taking you 2 hours to get out the house everyday something isn’t right. Plan the things you need everyday and have them packed and ready to go. Set things in usual places so that you don’t need to drain your brain thinking of them, they’re always there ready for you. Direct debit bills and charity donations, have groceries delivered if you can, get things done by outsourcing so that you can concentrate on the big dreams that need your full attention and energy.

10. Reward yourself. You did it! you got through a hard day of tasking chores. Have a long soak in the bath, go meet your friends, go out for a coffee indulge in an ice cream or curl up with a good movie once in a while. Carve out some me time you’ll be happier for it.

What are things that make you happy whilst being productive share your thoughts. Part two will be coming soon 🙂


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