One yes is all we need.

So we’ve been in Dubai living in hope of a better future. Six moons have past and six dashes to the border have been made. Kids have now accustomed themselves to the long drives to ‘the mountains’ where they show their faces to ‘the man’ and return back. Still holding on to a tiny thread of hope that can reclaim our dreams. Recapture our hearts into believing that the move was well worth it. That leaving well paid jobs and our comfortable existence was justified. Our ears waiting eagerly for that one yes. One yes is all we need right about now from anyone, from anywhere.

All the agents feedback are suggesting that hubby’s cv is impressive and he’s a great catch then why is it taking so long to be snapped up? The market is slow. The employee wants a girl. The employer wants someone with less experience. The employer wants some one who is British but also white. Yep all those things that are out of our control. Did he impress them? Did they like him and how he presented himself on interviews and answered ? Yes he ticked the boxes regarding skills and qualifications but aesthetically he’s not what fits the bill. Wow. So why call for an interview if qualifications don’t matter. Why the build up? The anticipation the waiting for the call just to be deflated again and again.

When you expect nothing that’s when your luck changes. That’s exactly what happened the very first job he applied to which was in Abu Dhabi which we didn’t even consider much about, called back after 6 months of interviews to say yeh we actually want you. The dance was worth it! So looks like another move on the cards from uk to Dubai to now Abu Dhabi. Just goes to show no matter how much you try for something to happen if its out of your hands you really can’t do nothing about it. Hubby waited 6 months for the perfect job in the perfect land, Dubai. However it didn’t happen no matter how much he tried. That one interview he had in Abu Dhabi where we didn’t want to move to accepted us and presented us the dream job. We grabbed it with both hands and started packing once again. Lets see where this Bedouin lifestyle leads us.


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