My first ever Froyo!

My first ever Froyo!

I’m not much of a yoghurt eater but I thought I’d try it and see what the big hoo-ha is about. So after the pinkberry woman explained to us the premise that what’s not to like about frozen yoghurt she walked us through how to order. So you have your different sizes small medium large and a big bucket to take home to select then you decide on your base flavour for your yoghurt then choose a minimum of 4 toppings. We went for small original with four toppings which were crushed hazelnut, walnut, pistachio and choc flakes. All the toppings were yummy but must say the crushed hazelnut was candied I think and was lush. Would I have it again hmm maybe if I was very hot and there was no ice cream available yeh why not. I was fasting all day and it was the first shop we saw so thats why we tried it really but woukd I go out of my way to get another dose, not likely. Also found it sensitive on my poor teeth. What’s your verdict have you been converted to Froyo or still a ice cream lover?


2 thoughts on “My first ever Froyo!

    • pockettreasures says:

      Thanks may explore different flavours next time. Hmmm Choc-o-late… That’s what I thought, I’m a massive chocoholic, I was so so tempted by the chocolate Froyo base but hesitated coz thought didn’t want to be disappointed. Chocolate yoghurt? It’s probably as good as chocolate Philly? Blah


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