12 Ways to Reduce Waste

This post may seem like I'm slapping you in the face, with a plastic fish multiple times, but sometimes tough love, is what we need, to get our acts together.


10 Mindful Gift Ideas for a Minimalist

As I embark on my own minimalist journey, I find myself guarding what I allow into my home. Not wanting to own more, and realizing how real the struggle of decluttering is, I am ever so more conscious, of my own gift giving habits. These gift ideas can be given anytime of year, and for … Continue reading 10 Mindful Gift Ideas for a Minimalist

Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls

Are you a parent, who is frustrated by the lack of diverse, strong, women offered in children's books? Those stereotypical books that target young girls, 'pinkwash' them into aspiring to be cute, dress and wait prettily while a boy comes to sweep them away, from their miserable, boring lives? The 'Girls section' is riddled with … Continue reading Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls

How To Pack Like A Pro

More and more people are traveling and with cheap holidays on the rise, last minute travel plans have become the norm. However with no frill travel deals, comes limited luggage allowance, and so often times, passengers are challenged with just a carry on, to fit in all their holiday wear. There are added bonus' with … Continue reading How To Pack Like A Pro